Perspicillum series with Lightning + Kinglyface

Perfume Architecture series with Andrew Stellitano

Last summer I had the great honour of shooting the new Lurpak print campaign for Wieden + Kennedy. With a tagline to inspire culinary adventures I set out with long term collaborators Lightning & Kinglyface to challenge the nature of how food is typically portrayed. Utilising carefully crafted in-camera techniques and live action methods we focused on retaining the delicious nature of the food by using all real ingredients. Each image is a representation of a special recipe created by culinary master Katie Giovanni, helping re-enforce the backbone of the campaign.

Working with new collection pieces from Gucci, Smythson, LV and Kenzo we reflected key details into specially cut mirrors wrapped around 3D shapes or placed within environments. Focusing on more of a conceptual look of how luxury items are usually presented and removing as much of that as possible in how they’re typically shot, at the same time retaining a look of beauty and texture

The Tornado series is now on sale at Colette, Paris. Signed and from a limited edition of 10